About Us

The History of Riverside Celtic College… How it all started…

In 2003 a group of us (Eva McCauley,  Carolyn Buck,  Irene Shelton and Robin Aggus), who were all interested in playing traditional Irish/Scottish music together, started a traditional pub session at the Dalby House in Elora, where, on Friday evenings every week, we would play traditional music together for the fun of it (and also for the enjoyment of the patrons). Over the years we were joined by more musicians, who also became good friends, and as we learned more and more tunes and became more familiar playing with each other, we were often approached by aspiring musicians who wanted to learn how to play these instruments, whether it was Irish fiddle, bodhran or Scottish pipes. The problem was, there was nowhere to direct them to learn how to play.

Because of the lack of instruction in traditional Irish and Scottish music in the area, Eva McCauley decided to open a school where students both young and old could be taught by the very fine musicians with whom she had become well acquainted. In September 2003, Riverside Celtic College was born (formerly the Elora School of Traditional Music). Since it’s inception, there have been hundreds of students enrolled in a wide range of classes and plans to add new classes such as Uilleann pipes and possibly traditional singing are ongoing.

In addition to offering weekly group classes, we have had the opportunity of tapping our considerable local talent to provide one day workshops as well as hosting and participating in a number of traditional music sessions in the area. We also regularly promote, sponsor and/or participate in the many Céilís (Irish dances) that are held in and around the area (Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph). Céilís are a fantastic way of participating in the music and are great fun for all ages…children are welcome.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Eva McCauley at (519) 576-1056 or email  aoifemccauley@gmail.com