Register for the new term at Riverside Celtic College today! Early-Bird registration extended to September 25th!

Hi all:

Hope everyone enjoyed a music-filled summer and you’ve had a chance to attend some of the great music festivals!

Now that autumn seems to have suddenly arrived, it’s time to think about ways to fill the upcoming cool fall days with traditional celtic music to feed your spirit.

Playing and learning music with other people is great craic (a fun way to socialize) as well a great way to explore and develop your musical potential.

Maybe you’d like to learn to play that new instrument you’ve been dreaming about? You could learn to play the violin, the tinwhistle or the bodhran, and it doesn’t matter what age you are….it’s never too late to start!

Or perhaps you want to continue to hone your fiddling skills with a master fiddler? Or continue to master the rhythmic language of the bodhran? Look no further……This upcoming fall term is not only longer than our last spring term (10 weeks instead of 8),  we are also offering a greater selection of interesting classes to whet everyone’s musical appetites.

Also, if you bring a friend or family member to register as a new student in a class at RCC, you both get a discount!

When you sign up for a course, tell us you are referring a friend and give us their name. When your friend signs up for his/her course, you will both receive $20. off your course (in addition to other discounts). 

Check out some of our great new classes:

Back by popular demand, Dan MacDonald’s “Irish Fiddle Technique & Tunes” class, (a new course introduced last term,  thoroughly enjoyed by the students), is a class in which there will be an in-depth exploration of  Irish fiddle technique and ornamentation, as well as ear training through the aural/oral  learning of traditional fiddle  tunes,

We have a new guest instructor this term, the very talented flute player Dan Restivo, who will be teaching the Beginner Irish Tinwhistle class, as well as the Intermediate Irish Tinwhistle/Flute class. Check out his bio on the website. A big welcome to Dan from all of us!

For aspiring singers, we have a great course (again, back by popular demand), Traditional Songs of Ireland and Scotland, with Karen MacLeod.

And for all you pipers who would like to play Scottish smallpipes (and border pipes) with others in sessions, you’ll enjoy the Scottish Bagpiping Class with Robin Aggus, who is not only a great teacher, but also the inaugaral “Musician in Residence” at MacDougall Cottage.

This is just a sampling–there are many more great classes…see the schedule below.

Classes run for 10 weeks, starting on October 13th.  The early bird discount deadline is  on Thursday September 25th. Register by sending a cheque in the mail by September the 25th,  and the tuition for one course is $220.00 ($245.00 after the 26th). If you take 2 courses it’s $418 (instead of $440.00); after Sept. 15th, $465.00 (instead of $490.00).

You can also pay online with Paypal–the tuition for each course is $235.00 ($450 for two).

Classes run from Thursday October 13th to Thursday, December 8th. (The only exception to this are the Irish Fiddle classes taught by Dan MacDonald…because he will be performing at Celtic Colours in Cape Breton on the 13th of September, his classes will start on the 20th of October, wiith an extra make-up class at the end of the session), and the Beginner Irish Tinwhistle and Intermediate Tinwhistle/Flute classes taught by Dan Restivo.

The 10th class is the Final Wrap Up Session/Celebration for all students and instrcutors, and will be on Sunday December 11th at 7:30 p.m., upstairs at the Albion.

Looking forward to seeing you all for another great term at the college!




Eva McCauley


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