Tom Kelly Traditional Music & Dance Scholarship

Riverside Celtic College  is pleased to announce the new:  

Tom Kelly Scholarship ~

Riverside Celtic College is more than just a place where people learn to play musical instruments. It is the gateway to a whole community of people who love traditional Celtic music and dance, and who take pleasure in sharing music and friendship with one another.

Our dear friend Tom Kelly was a student at the College, who delighted in his courses in fiddle, tune learning and dance. He was also a strong advocate of the College, and was fond of telling everyone who would listen that his dance class was “more fun than a barrel of kittens”. Tom was a devoted member of Single Malt, a traditional music group formed by students who had taken classes at the College. Sadly, Tom passed away in June of 2011. There could be no more fitting tribute to his life than to help others discover the joy of traditional Celtic music and dance, so his friends from Single Malt have established the Tom Kelly Scholarship in his memory.

Each year, the person awarded the scholarship will be provided with the tuition required to take one course from the Riverside Celtic College. Preference will be given to individuals who are new to an instrument or to dance, but anyone expressing an interest in studying at the College will be eligible. If the person awarded the scholarship does not have an instrument, every effort will be made to find an instrument to provide on loan.

Applicants for the scholarship should send a letter to Ruth Shushan, Chair of the Tom Kelly Scholarship Committee, stating their reasons for requesting the scholarship.

Selection considerations:

  • First time taking a class with a new instrument or dance
  • Strength of the application letter
  • Availability of the class and of an instrument
  • A brief interview may be conducted in instances where more than one individual is considered worthy of the scholarship

The application deadline for the upcoming sprin term is April 30th 2017 and the spring term is begins mid to late April.

Applications must be received or postmarked on or before the deadline date to be eligible for consideration.


Please send your application to:

RCC Tom Kelly Scholarship

C/O Ruth Shushan

48 Allen Street East

Waterloo, ON    N2J 1H9



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