RCC FALL TERM 2014 open for registration

RCC Wrap Up June 2013.2



We hope everyone had a great, music-filled summer!

As you know, RCC has taken a bit of a break to regroup and reassess our organization, and we’ve decided to to simplify how we run things, and work more collaboratively with our teachers and volunteers.

Now we’re looking forward to offering a variety of new fall classes, in Irish Fiddle (all levels), Celtic Mandolin (Melody and Accompaniment), Irish Gaelic Language, Irish and Scottish Song, Celtic Guitar Accompaniment, and Irish Bodhran (all levels)!

We’re going to try something different this term, and offer the classes at different locations (and different evenings) in the KW/Guelph area, with everyone coming together at the end of the term in early December for a final celebratory Wrap Up Ceili/Session at the Albion in Guelph on Sunday, December 7th.

If you are interested in taking any of these classes listed below (or would like more information) please contact the teacher by email directly and let them know you are interested.

He/she can answer any of your questions and give you details re: course description, instructor bio, location, time of your class etc. and enroll you. (You will paying the instructor directly as well. Tuition for the 9 week term is $240.00) Classes are 1 ½ hours long. Classes start the week after Thanskgiving.

Put out the word and tell your friends….looking forward to sharing some tunes and songs with you again this fall!

IRISH FIDDLE  : Dan MacDonald Email : danmacdon@gmail.com

· Beginner Fiddle (for absolute beginners)

· Intermediate/Advanced Irish Fiddle.

Wednesday evenings in Elmira at RoxtonArts Studio 203, 1 Union Street (art studio of Eva McCauley in the Roxton Building).

Classes start on evening of October 15th, running until to December 3rd. Email Dan for exact timing of class, as well as course descriptions.

Final Ceili/Wrap Up session on evening of Sunday December 7th at the Albion in Guelph (location still to be confirmed).

CELTIC MANDOLIN (Melody and Accompaniment): Ed Koenig ed.koenig@sympatico.ca

Thursday evenings. Location: Waterloo (close to downtown). Email Ed for course description, exact location and time. Starts Thursday October 16th, running until Thursday December 4th.

IRISH BODHRAN: Jacob McCauley info@jacobmccauley.com

· Beginner Bodhran

· Intermediate/Advanced Bodhran

Wednesday evenings in Kitchener, at the home of Barry Philips, starting on Ocotber 15th, running until December 3rd.. Email Jacob for exact location and times, as well as course descriptions.

IRISH and SCOTTISH SONG: Karen MacLeod macleodkaren@hotmail.com

Wednesday nights 6:30 to 8 p.m.

October 8-November 26, OR Oct 15 to Dec 3 (Final Wrap Up on December 7th at the Albion)

Michael Dougherty’s home (southeast Guelph– more later)

Email Karen for exact location, bio and course description.

IRISH GAELIC LANGUAGE: Paraic Donoghue wisdomwhispers@sentex.net

Wednesday evenings in Fergus at the home of Paraic Donoghue, starting on October 15th, until December 4th. Email Paraic for time and location.


CELTIC GUITAR ACCOMPANIMENT (Standard tuning and DADGAD) : Graeme McGillivray gmcgillivray2@hotmail.com

Wednesday evenings at the home of Barry Phillips in Kitchener (email Graeme for exact location and timing of class, as well as the course description).

Starts on Wednesday October 15th to December 3rd, with Final Wrap Up on Sunday December 7th.

IRISH BODHRAN:  Les Starkey  ljstarkey@gmail.com

Saturday afternoons 1 to 2:30 p.m. in Kitchener. Email Les for details, course description and exact location.